Reiki Tummo

What is Reiki Tummo?

Reiki Tummo is a unique combination of both Reiki (universal energy) and TUMMO (Kundalini energy), attunements and techniques designed to give its practitioner an effective Reiki healing capability as well as a safe, instant and blissful Kundalini awakening. Reiki TUMMO is practiced by thousands of people around the world. It is a safe and natural way to promote health and well-being by restoring balance to the mind, body and spirit.

In the Reiki Tummo Level 2 attunement, your Kundalini is activated and awakened safely and instantly. This translates into expanding your spiritual path and your healing ability. Your ability to channel Reiki energy for healing and other purposes will be greatly improved due to the energy/nadi channel cleansing that occurs via the Kundalini whenever you channel energy. The awakened Kundalini energy will cleanse your chakras and energy bodies 24 hours a day. This increases your energy bodies' vibration, which in turn expands your spiritual consciousness. It is a true divine gift to have this opportunity to awaken your Kundalini in this gentle and safe manner.

Reiki Tummo Workshops

The Reiki Tummo workshops include all levels of traditional Usui Reiki. Reiki Tummo itself is the first step of a more complete and advanced system of training about the Spirtual Heart, Shing Chi and Master Yoga. With Shing Chi, the practitioner is attuned to the divine chakras above the crown and shown how to integrate them with the awakening spiritual heart. This leads to increased levels of Love and Light and the direct cultivation of heightened spiritual states of consciousness that bring one closer to our Creator.

Additional aspects include awakening the Spiritual Heart and the Kundalini. The connection to the Earth and the awakening of the Kundalini provide a real boost to one's spiritual evolution and complement the traditional forms of Reiki in which the energies flow from above.

For those of you that are currently Reiki Masters and practitioners in other traditions, the awakening and cultivation of the Kundalini can further empower your spiritual process and deepen the attunements that you have already received.

Further information about Reiki Tummo can be found at the international Reiki Tummo website

Reiki Tummo Spiritual Path

Reiki Tummo is a complete spiritual path for attaining Full Enlightenment and Yoga via the heart. It is organised as series of introductory weekend workshops and week long retreats held all over the world to discover everything you need to be able to bring this into your daily life. Each step is part of a well understood process to cleanse and open the spiritual heart. Each step builds greater understanding and enables deeper experiences of the heart so that eventually you can fully experience all layers of your spiritual consciousness with the heart fully open and enlightened.