Open Heart Meditation

Open Heart Meditation is an easy to learn, heart-centered guided meditation that helps you experience the peace and joy that is already within your heart through the simple technique of relaxing, smiling and surrendering. It's also a wonderful technique to integrate into your daily life to help you feel more relaxed and happy. Practising this meditation has many benefits, including strengthening the spiritual heart and cleansing our whole energy body and its many layers of spiritual consciousness.

We run Open Heart Meditation groups which regularly meet in Central London and Maidenhead. We also run Open Heart Workshops so that anyone can learn about how to meditate with their heart. 

Most people report feeling very relaxed, peaceful or lighter after trying the Open Heart Meditation. At our meditation group we go through our meditation technique of how to feel your heart so anyone can become familiar with the process, then we will do the Open Heart Meditation as a group.

Open Heart Meditation is a beautiful guided meditation that connects our hearts to our True Source, the Source of Love & Light (we use the non-denominational term "True Source" but you are free to use whatever word feels right for you, God, Spirit, Universe, Divine Source, Creator etc...).

The Open Heart Meditation also helps cleanse negative energy and emotions from your heart and replace it with Love & Light in a very gentle, surrendered way.