Reiki Tummo London Sessions

What is Reiki TUMMO Healing ?

Reiki Tummo works by stimulating the flow of vital energy (Chi or Ki) within and around our bodies. This helps to recharge and rebalance the flow of our subtle energies, relieving the effect of stress while activating the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

What is involved ?

  • You can sit or lie down fully clothed and relax 
  • Trained Reiki Tummo practitioners will channel healing energy to the group as a whole for 30 minutes

Where and When

Our sessions run every Wednesday evening following our Open Heart Meditation session, which starts at  7.30pm at

Lancaster Hall Hotel,

35 Craven Terrace,

London W23EL

The cost for the 2 hour session is £10. Beginners welcome. Please bring a small blanket and pillow if you prefer to lie down and relax for healing (space permitting)


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What is it like ?

Reiki Tummo affects each person differently. Most people feel deeply relaxed and energised with a better sense of wellbeing after a treatment.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wishes to feel happier, healthier and more peaceful in their daily life. Also, the sessions will be helpful if you are experiencing:


    • Stress
    • Anxiety
    • Headaches
    • Insomnia

      • Depression
      • Fatigue
      • Chronic pain
      • Physical Illness







Although every person's experience is unique, you can also read some client feedback to get an idea of the possibilities.

Client Feedback:


    • "Very relaxing"

    • "I came into the healing session with a migraine headache and now I don't have one!!!! I feel energized physically and emotionally and able to continue the rest of my day with a more loving attitude towards myself and others"

    • "I thought I was happy until I experienced a session"

    • "I felt a tingling sensation on the surface of my skin and warmth spread in my body, random thoughts that were somewhat like dreams even though I was awake"

    • "I instantly felt relaxed. I felt like I sunk into my body, then floated on a leaf while I fell asleep"

    • "I felt relaxed to the point of not feeling my physical body"

    • "I feel happy, relaxed and grateful"

    • "Very relaxing. I felt energy inside as well as outside of my body. Wonderful feeling"

    • "I am learning to love myself on a level, I was unaware of. I feel so good about my experience. I feel as though the concerns and stress that I walked in with has left. My body and spirit feel renewed."

    • "I felt so much bliss and lighter and kind of in a trance state. I felt the energy working in the middle of my spine, heart and third eye centers. I felt like transported into a different dimension where everything is perfect and blissful. incredible joy-incredible bliss-incredible energy. I wish everyone experience this at least once!"